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Major System Failure Ongoing Recovery

06:45 - We are sorry to say the SAN system continues to be inoperable.

We are initiating a restore procedure to move data onto new servers. This is a painful decision to make as this process will take several hours. Fair to say this has been the worst outage in our history and we are very sorry.

Our development team will attempt to see what can be done to help you manage this situation, including putting in temporary forwarding of your email to other accounts. We will be getting as many of you back online as possible as quickly as we can.

08:00 - Recovery is proceeding well. The plan is to restore mailbox access so that you can view and reply to any NEW emails arriving in your inbox. Once this is stable we will start to restore older email which will appear gradually over a period of some time (as yet unknown). This is the best recovery procedure to follow given the circumstances. 

Originally Written: 18-Feb-2010 12:04, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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