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Service Outage [RESOLVED]

[17:20] - We are aware of an issue with the service and are investigating. 

[17:28] - Issue has been identified on one of the storage servers which has now been rebooted. Will update again within 15 mins. 

[17:43] - Client access should be stabilising shortly. We are restoring webmail next. Update again in 10-15 minutes. 

[18:00] - Sorry for delay on this update. We have 90% of mail stores mounted and working. The rest should follow soon. Update within 15 mins. 

[18:14] - We are moving those last few stores onto a different server to even out the traffic as the server that went down was quite consistently heavily loaded prior to this crash. Should hopefully be done within another 15 minutes. 

[18:29] - All accounts should now be accessible. We are continuing to monitor the system. Apologies for this inconvenient interruption to service. 

[18:44] - There may be some outstanding access issues for POP3 connections. We're looking at these right now. 

[18:52] - This looks like a false alarm. POP3 is functioning correctly. If you have any problems with access please let us know via the helpdesk. 

Originally Written: 26-Oct-2012 17:16, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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